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An Original Oil Painting by the artist
of her birthplace in Maine.
J. P. Gaudette

My name is Janet Gaudette and I’m a native of a small town in the southern seacoast area of Maine. I have been drawing and painting for forty years. I enjoy working with charcoals, pen & ink, pastels, acrylics and my favorite medium, oils.

Growing up on a farm surrounded by woods developed my appreciation of old buildings, artifacts, animals and the changing seasons of New England.

During my teens I spent four entire summers at Ogunquit, a premier art colony since the nineteenth century. Living only feet from the Atlantic Ocean, I enjoyed exploring the small fishing village. I’m familiar with misty mornings and tangy salty air, climbing slippery rocks laden with seaweed, the spectacle of seals sunning themselves on the sandy beach, waves crashing against rocks at high tide and the fury of hurricanes.

It is from this diverse background that I bring realism to my paintings. “I want people to feel they can hear the cawing of the seagulls, smell the roses in the vase, climb the trees near the house, or stroke the pets in the portrait.”

I am an avid animal enthusiast. My family and I have provided a home for many cats, dogs and horses throughout my lifetime. I know the joys of raising and loving a pet…and the sadness of that final good-bye.
I was fortunate to study under the direction of the Internationally famous Alfred Brule, Nelson Pierson, Phyllis Ginty & the late George Lombard. I have taught art classes for adults, teenagers & children at my home studio and won numerous ribbons at local fairs.

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